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A new era of virtualization

The rapid acceleration of decentralized technology has catapulted the internet into a very different landscape from the one we knew two years ago. Millions of crypto native users value digital assets and experiences as highly as IRL. Creating communities, building identity and investing money into virtual worlds, cryptocurrencies and NFTs has become the norm.

This is the most profound shift in consumer behavior and brand challenges since the creation of websites or the iPhone. The next giants of the internet are waiting to be minted by the brands bold enough to take part.

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We have created and worked with 100s of Web3 brands in the last four years

Products are now projects, co-owned by communities. Value is the new currency and authenticity is collateral. Brands can’t just buy-in - how you show up to your consumers has never been more important.

At Noir we’re not tourists looking to capitalize on an opportunity we don't understand; we are crypto natives, artists, creatives, gamers and developers.

This space is our home. We are taking on a pivotal role in shaping the future of branding, community growth and venture in this new world.


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Blue Origin
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"Partnering with Noir on our new direction and website has transformed the Biconomy brand. The team brought visionary insights to life through design and storytelling and seamlessly executed our digital experience. Our brand feels supercharged and ready for our next stage of growth."
Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Founder & CEO -
"Noir really helped us to really understand what was important to us and our culture before consolidating and refining those ideas into the rebrand."
Juana Attieh
Co Founder, Fluus
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