On June 04 2022 Victor Hespana blasted into space on a Blue Origin rocket, this is the story of how we made it happen.


Crypto Space Agency



Blue Origin, Moonpay,


Brand strategy, Visual Identity Art Direction, NFT Creation,  Website Design, Motion & 3D Design, Ethereum Contract Deployment, Webflow & React Development


The most exciting brief we've ever received.

Noir was tasked with creating a new brand for the Crypto Space Agency, a group of space, crypto and creative industry heavyweights. They had a big goal to converge the space industry's technology with the innovation and financial power of the crypto markets to accelerate mankind’s off-world future and democratise space travel.

This brief had a lot of moving parts, from an NFT drop to finding aliens, to displacing NASA as the premium space brand. We simply broke down who the CSA was and what their mission was.

Building a brand, NFT and narrative that would galvanise the crypto and space community to be a part of the CSA’s collective mission. Their first NFT drop was a membership to the CSA, hidden within it a ticket to go to space with Blue Origin.


Building a space agency for the people

Working in partnership with Moonpay and Blue Origin, we worked with The Crypto Space Agency to launch their first membership NFT.

We started by researching the brand and the market, structuring the research using our Web3 brand framework - simplicity, community, vision and design. We settled on an ‘outlaw’ brand archetype to frame the identity and narrative. This meant creating a radical plan for a ‘space agency for the people’ by creating a community of space pirates.

In partnership with

A race to space in under 7 days

We designed, and built a custom Web3 enabled website using React & Webflow with integrated SDKs to Hypermints powerful NFT Launch platform all in just under 7 days.


National space agencies servenational interests.

There is a lack of funding in areas that people care about (SETI, asteroids). This has created one of the largest stores of untapped potential on the planet. There was a MASSIVE opportunity for the CSA to serve human interests and to leverage the huge cultural store of value that space has to offer.


We are all searching for a new dream, alternate reality or myth - we are all hungry for freedom.

A shared dream of freedom brings space and crypto together meaningfully, with deep synergies between the two sectors that can make this dream a reality. With the help of sci-fi visuals and storytelling, we blew out this shared cultural sentiment of ‘freedom’ into the CSA brand.


Space presents us with unbounded possibilities for return on innovation, investment and inspiration

Nobody knows what the future of space looks like. As we dare to explore outward, there are many opportunities and mysteries yet to be unlocked. We framed the CSA’s vision around stepping into the unknown and creating opportunities for the undiscovered future of humanity.

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