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With the advent of LLMs we are witnessing a transformation in the relationship between technology, creativity, the market & humans.

This has introduced a major shift in the way brands are managed and how they connect with people. Every business needs to adapt to and embrace the possibilities of AI or risk getting left behind. It’s more important than ever for brands to be crystal clear on their core positioning, purpose, vision and values — and use them to guide every decision they make.


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Blue Origin
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"Partnering with Noir on our new direction and website has transformed the Biconomy brand. The team brought visionary insights to life through design and storytelling and seamlessly executed our digital experience. Our brand feels supercharged and ready for our next stage of growth."
Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Founder & CEO -
"Noir really helped us to really understand what was important to us and our culture before consolidating and refining those ideas into the rebrand."
Juana Attieh
Co Founder, Fluus
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