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Evolving the artist & fan relationship

SeatlabNFT is an event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping through the power of Web3. Noir was tasked with sharpening the Seatlab brand to attract retail investors to their token ($SEAT) IDO. Their current brand identity and strategy was disjointed and didn’t represent a revolution for the ticketing industry.


Driven by profit, plagued by touts and dehumanised by bots, the legacy ticketing ecosystem is broken.

With the power of NFTs and blockchain, the industry is presented with a rare moment in time to reset the balance in favour of artists, event organisers and fans. Seatlab creates traceable transactions and safer, more interactive options for fans to purchase tickets on the secondary market. Through distributing tickets as NFTs, fans can be rewarded for their loyalty through digital experiences, creating a closer connection between artists and fans.


Tech brands often lose themselves in the technology and forget the human bit.

In order for Seatlab to truly disrupt the event ticketing industry, they needed to stop acting like a ticketing company altogether and start behaving, looking and talking like a visionary experience brand. Using NFT and blockchain technology, a Seatlab ticket helps fans collect, capture and treasure incredible moments from their lives. ‘Collect the moment’, our brand mantra, was born.


To build a fanbase, artists need more than just ticket sales

We collaborated with key stakeholders through a series of brand sprints led by our strategy and leadership team. We analysed the competitor landscape, took a deep dive into the problems faced by fans and artists and explored the wider culture around events. Our first key insight was based on the fan/artist relationship being strained by big tech, streaming services, ticket touts and poor royalties. To build a fan base, artists need more than just ticket sales, Seatlab helps artists create real value from fan relationships.

Taking the fan experience further

Next, we looked at how to solve problems for fans, the legacy ticketing ecosystem takes all the anticipation and gratification out of queuing up for tickets to your favourite artist. Seatlab harnesses the power of NFTs to reward fandom and create an emotional appeal. In the ticketing category, we found that nobody was serving the after-show market. By capturing and owning the post event experience, we could take advantage of people's positive memories after a show.

Bringing the brand to life

The visual identity of the brand was refreshed, before being brought to life in motion and 3D. We crafted new impactful messaging, before designing, building and launching their new website along with a full suite of digital assets from NFTs to Brand Videos.

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